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MUDDY PUDDY® Clay Dough is a play dirt modeling compound that hardens. It inspires creativity and is a constructive plaything made from real dirt and other earth ingredients. Make bricks, blocks, balls, coils, letters, mud pies, rocks, and more. Muddy Puddy sculpting dough works great with construction toys. Use your imagination to create mud monsters, mud faces, mud pies, mud castles, mud animals and creatures. Have lots of fun discovering all the dirt’s features.  Dries hard but can be reused by adding water and allowing to soften. Model it, mold it, sculpt it, paint it, reuse it over and over again.

Fun, safe, non-toxic. Environmentally Friendly.

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23-ounce re-sealable plastic pail.

Non-toxic, but please do not eat Muddy Puddy.

Notice: Contains Wheat.

Recommended ages 2 & up with adult supervision.

Meets standards:

ASTM F963-11 & ASTM D4236

Made in U.S.A. by Halo Toys.

Due to natural earth ingredients,

product and color will vary.

$12.95 for one pail of Muddy Puddy.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, get a FREE copy of

"Clean up Your Act! Dirty Dingy Daryl"

while supplies last.

Bring the outdoors inside!

Muddy Puddy is great for hours of good clean play.

Why Muddy Puddy?

It is good old fashioned fun!

Kids are like mud magnets, instinctively they are just drawn to the dirt.

That is where Muddy Puddy comes in--it is a good clean toy mud dough that you play with indoors.

Muddy Puddy is a unique toy because earth is the main ingredient.

Muddy Puddy is a soft, pliable, reusable, fun play modeling compound.

Even though Muddy Puddy might get your hands a little "earthy", it washes away clean.

Muddy Puddy is a great way to just let your children play while using their imaginations and creative skills.

Form Muddy Puddy letters and numbers with your children to foster reading and math skills.

Muddy Puddy is a fun way to educate children about the earth's resources.

Muddy Puddy can help you guide your kids to practice proper hand washing skills when it comes time to clean up.

Modeling results vary depending on child's age and level of skill.

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Even though the age recommendation is 2 years old, a child this age still needs constant supervision when playing with any type of play modeling dough or any toy that has the potential to cause choking.

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Muddy Puddy® Clay Dough

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