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THEE BEES are superheroes in the comic book series, WASP vs Killer Bees, funny kids comics from Beeswax News. THEE BEES are a fantastical group of super-amazing bees from the rainforest of Brazil. Join the superhero, Honey Bees, as they form the "Winged Allies of Stinging Power" (WASP).  Their mission is to stop the Killer Bees, Rumble Bumble Bees and the Strange Humans from taking over the world! Buy children's comic books, trading cards, buttons, rag dolls, bee activities for children.  Free Bazillion Dollar Crud Play Money with every order!

Comic Books $2.99.  All ages.

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Dr. Yuc

Glory Bee

Edna and Grumpy Old Man

Dolly Beeutiful

L. General

I.B. Wong

Honey Bees

Episode I:  Bee Ready...Or Not

The premier episode takes you into the deep dark rainforest of Brazil to Dr. Yuc’s experimental laboratory where he has created an army of super powered Killer Bees to help L. General take over the world.  The only hope for the creatures of earth lies in the hands of the Thee Bees and the Winged Allies of Stinging Power (WASP).

Killer Bees

Episode II:  Here Come Thee Bees

In the second episode, the Killer Bees find the Honey Bees not so sweet and a mini battle takes place on the floor of the jungle as Yuc gets struck with a bit of hard luck. In the meantime, Thee Bees flee and WASP begins to spread while L. General roars her way into the heart of the jungle with the Coalition of the Restless Underdogs (CRUD).

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Watch our animated music video featuring Thee Bee Tells in

"The Bees Love You" www.beeswaxnews.com

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Thee Bees Children's Comic Books

Thee Bees
Thee Bees

Episode I and II



Thee Bees Collectable Trading Cards

Pack of 12, $4.00

Thee Beeattitudes 1" Pins

Each, $1.00

Down to Earth Friendly

Episode II


Episode I