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• Play Dirt

• Modeling Dough

• Reuseable and recycleable

• Fun, Safe, Non-toxic

• Soap and water clean up

• Environmentally Friendly

Muddy Puddy is made from real clean dirt and other safe earthy materials. Our play mud compound inspires creativity. Muddy Puddy sculpting dough works great with construction toys. Model it, mold it, sculpt it, paint it, reuse it over and over again. Dries hard but can be reused by adding water and allowing to soften.

Make bricks, blocks, balls, coils, letters. Use your imagination to create mud monsters, mud faces, mud pies, mud castles, mud animals and creatures. Explore all the mud's features.

Muddy Puddy® Modeling Compound


Recommended ages 3 & up with adult supervision.

Due to natural earth ingredients,

product and color may vary.

Non Toxic

Meets standards:

ASTM F963-11 & ASTM D4236

Environmentally Friendly

Reuseable, Recyclable

Why Muddy Puddy?

Kids are drawn to mud

Get close to the the earth

Develop imagination skills

Learn reading and math skills

Practice building and artistic skills

Clean up easy with soap and water

Bring the outdoors inside!

Muddy Puddy great for hours of good clean play.

Down to Earth Friendly

Muddy Puddy Modeling Compound 1 pail FREE SHIPPING. $14.95