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Thee Bees is a fantastical group of Honey Bees and Winged Allies of Stinging Power (WASP). They have united in the rainforest of Brazil. Their work is to thwart the plans of the Strange Humans, helped by Killer Bees, to take control of earth. Beeswax News brings you these fun comic books for the whole family. Get behind the Honey Bees, the Rumble Bumble Bees and the swarm of Winged Allies of Stinging Power (WASP) to help save the world!

Thee Bees Children's Comic Books

Episode I: Bee Ready...Or Not

Episode I takes us into the deep dark rainforest of Brazil to Dr. Yuc’s experimental laboratory. At the command of L. General, Dr. Yuc and his sidekick, I.B. Wong, have unleased an army of souped up Killer Bees headed by mighty Bee Bee Stinger. Meanwhile Honey Bee, Glory Bee, frees herself from capture by the Rumble Bumble Bees. Our only hope to save the world from the Killer Bees and their Stange Human creators are the Honey Bees and the Winged Allies of Stinging Power (WASP).

Episode II: Here Come Thee Bees

Episode II finds the sweet Honey Bees swarming to a new home and headquarters atop Mt. St. Bernard. At the Bee Jive Club, the old hang-out of Mumbes Bee Bad and the Rumble Bumble Bees, Killer Bees make a plan to control the world's supply of honey. A disguised Johnny Bee Good gets in on the plans. Strange Humans' Dr. Yuc and I.B. Wong try to recapture the escaped Killer Bees before sinister L. General roars into the jungle with the Coalition of the Restless Underdogs (CRUD).

Thanks to our wonderful Thee Bees artist,

Diane Johnson!


Episode III: Bee Awake

Episode III flies us into an epic battle right vs. wrong...Honey Bees vs. Killer Bees...Killer Bees vs. Strange Humans...Strange Humans vs. WASP...WASP vs. CRUD. What will happen? Who will win? Find out in the next episode of WASP vs. Killer Bees...Bee Awake!

Thee Bees Love You Song

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